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Automotive diagnostic software nor manufacturer powered OBD code reader won’t necessarily detect this problem. I noticed TOAD-Scan read 2 more codes then ‘OBD Auto Doctor’ which isn’t reviewed nor mentioned on this page, yet another worthy long time software which I think should be included to make this a fair comparison. But once you get the drivers installed, plug it in underneath your dashboard just to the left of your steering wheel.

Only thing it doesn’t do is bi-directional testing and programming. 1 week later, it’s an incredibly powerful OBD software to have in your tool box, for both self repair, and regular checkups. Didn’t know what to expect, but watched some YouTube videos on obd tools/software, used ProScan as directed and couldn’t be happier. I’m active duty military and took it to my base the next day and practically telling anyone that wanted to hear to purchase it.

They could have sworn I am getting a commission because of how I advocated the software. It worked for me and I feel like I have an honest pocket carry on mechanic. This is probably my first review, so I’m not gonna go full out.

I’m really happy with the car software by comparing 3 obd tools here. There are a few things that could be improved and a few would be nice to have added to the software.

Launch Crp129x Diagnostic Tool For Cars

  • Also, the data provided after mode 6 tests may be a bit hard to understand.
  • The Launch X431V+ is the best Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner that is capable of diagnosing all vehicle systems.
  • Essentially you can use it to reset the Check Engine Light and other warning lights.
  • Namely, that includes transmission, engine, ABS, SRS, communication and more.

Cleanmymac X Pricing

The only lights I could read without a book are the oil change, seatbelt & open door. I bought ProScan when I saw a light turn on and didn’t want to get cheated by mechanic for overwhelming fees.

It’s dongle is small enough to tag around where you need it . Scans EVERY engine module available in the car and displays data PIDs for the modules found.

For example they all automatically clears the DTC fault code to return to the original state after you’ve addressed issues with the fault codes. I mean, you can’t have a obd software for laptop, or for Android without this basic function.