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How To: Amazing Features Of English Speaking Practice App For Android Devices You Didn’t Know Yet | Revealed.

This auspicious blog will develop your overall skills in the English language, including grammar, writing skills and comprehension. Posts range from as subtle as “How to Write a Sentence” to as extravagant as “Does a Subject in Parenthesis Affect Your Verb Choice”. All you need to do is find the articles that are relevant to your level of understanding and current progress in the language, and hop on the ride. It was a nominee for the ‘2014 Best Educational App’ Award, has over a 1000 questions, over 750 flashcards and at least a 100 games, and the basic features are free .

You now also have the option to take language lessons on HelloTalk, with more Download English Speaking Practice APK for Android than 10 lessons available in 10 languages . Not sure if you’re actually retaining information from the language you’re learning? Like many other apps, Qlango uses a quiz format, but it really tests your output abilities and forces you to use what you’ve learned. Aside from the usual multiple choice questions, it also asks you to type out translations to whole sentences or to type sentences as dictated. This means that as long as your native language is offered, you can receive instruction in it.


My name is Anna,I really want to practice my English ,cause I’m going to study in England in future. My English not very well, I hope I can meet some friends here and practice English with me. bbryan691, feel free to text or call me to practice English. Hey, my name is Thea and I’d love to practice my English with some one who’s fluent. Includes fun scavenger hunt ideas for questions, clues, & riddles. Shopping ESL role-play activity/game for elementary/Junior high school.

  • Native speakers teach you their language, while you teach them yours.
  • The Speak English Fluently app is designed to help users learn how to speak English conversationally in an American accent.
  • This free app turns your phone or tablet into the ultimate surface for sketching, coloring, and creating.
  • It has a range of configurable difficulty levels, so you can set things up to be at just the right level of challenge.
  • My English was good but the only problem I had was my shyness and inability to speak with unknown people spontaneously.
  • When you listen again, you can evaluate your own pronunciation and notice areas where you need to improve.
  • It offers a full program of language-learning material in more than 35 languages.

Don’t shadow with materials that are difficult or unfamiliar. You shouldn’t use your brain power to try to understand what you hear. For example, choose a scene from a movie in English that you have already watched in your native language . Because you are familiar with the plot, the characters, and the dialog, you can focus on what the actors are saying and how they are saying it. When you watch TV or a movie in English or you listen to a conversation on the street, “shadow” the speakers.

Here Are Our Suggestions Of Websites To Learn English Speaking Online Free:

The app costs $4.99 and is a very thorough look at all aspects of telling time. The app is free to download and includes 2 games unlocked. This gorgeous app will intrigue and invite children to learn about the countries and cultures around the world.

The Practice English and Reading course contains Intermediate level readings on a variety of topics. Besides reading the story yourself, you can also listen to a native speaker read the story. Each unit contains a reading, vocabulary and spelling practice, comprehension questions, and a writing activity. Pronunciation practice is also part of the vocabulary section. In this intermediate English course there are dozens of stories in 11 different topics. English 1 Plus is a beginning high / intermediate low course based on videos from the Voice of America Let’s Learn English series.