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Craigslist filed a trademark lawsuit against the Swedish luxury marketplace website on July 11, 2012, forcing the company to rename to JamesEdition. Craigslist announced on September 15, 2010, that it had closed its adult services in the United States; however, it defended its right to carry such ads. Free speech and some sex crime victim advocates criticized the removal of the section, saying that it threatened free speech and that it diminished law enforcement’s ability to track criminals.

By that token all departments is Pakistan should pack up their rules and regulations. But like the driving license, I am sure if they have good roadworthy vehicles, proper routes, and licensed drivers, their operators can get the permits without a heavy bribe. Sindh Govt has no problem is allowing all the unfit vehicles plying on Karachi roads as they are run by transport mafia in Karachi.

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The firm also said it was still offering rides today; a quick check of their app confirmed so too. Transport officials announced on Monday (Sept. 30) they had blocked two bus-hailing apps from operating, noting they flouted regulations and were running on the wrong license. The Safaricom-backed Little and Cairo-headquartered Swvl were operating under a tours license instead of a commuter service authorization, according to the director-general of the National Transport and Safety Authority, Francis Meja. Uber and regional competitor Careem began operating their own bus services in Egypt in late 2018, competing directly with Swvl. Charles Rapulu Udoh is a Lagos-based lawyer who has advised startups across Africa on issues such as startup funding , taxation, strategies, etc. He also has special focus on the protection of business or brands’ intellectual property rights across Africa and other foreign jurisdictions.

  • Additionally, the firm also confirmed its decision to keep the long-distance travel services that have been running for the last three months.
  • SWVL has grown tremendously from just two routes, to over 70 right now.
  • The Uber Bus app lets you reserve your seat on an air-conditioned bus that frequently runs along popular routes so there is always a ride nearby.
  • You can download the app, check out which bus best fits your commute, and easily book your trip right away.
  • While you can’t record and live stream at the same time within the Swivl App, you can record your live streamed session through a third party app and then upload that video to Swivl Teams.
  • Also, the active customer care of this app service is very supportive and always ready to ensure the best of them.

Fly Rental E-Scooter App E-scooters are the most worthwhile and eco-friendly solution to the transportation industry. On-Demand App Solutions We are the globally identified mobile app development company. Fintech App Development The year 2017 has been a turning point in the mobile payment systems and apps with integrated mobile wallets. “The Ford Smart Mobility plan supports our commitment to innovation and is aimed specifically at developing smarter mobility services. We are excited that Ford Transit was selected by SWVL – and we know that our new operators will soon understand why thousands of owners around the world rely on the Transit,” Schmitt concluded. “We’re proud of the results we’ve achieved in such a short period of time, and the work that Ford has put in to help elevate the levels of service we offer our customers,” he added.

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Tricia Martinez, of failed crypto startup Wala, has equally moved on to work for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Artificial Intelligence and Technology Office as a policy fellow. Tonjé Bakang, CEO of failed music streaming startup Afrostreams, has since assumed a lecturing role at Sciences Po, a research-based university based in Paris, France. African startup founders faced with exit dilemma have also explored different paths, apart from those stated above. In most cases, this is enabled by a provision in the acquisition agreement that allows the founder to become automatically employed in a new role at the acquiring company upon acquisition. This is the second option — apart from moving to the board — often explored by African founders whose startups were acquired.

Former CEO of Nigerian ecommerce company Konga, Sim Shagaya, saw a cool-off period — during which he was still sitting on Konga’s board as chairman — of almost three years, returning only in 2019 to launch uLesson, an edtech startup. Hannes Van Rensburg, former CEO of South African startup, Fundamo City — which was bought by credit card company Visa in 2011 for $110 million — moved over to become Senior Vice President, Visa from 2011 to 2014. This is the case of Mark Forrester, former co-founder of WooCommerce, a South African startup that was sold in 2015 to web development company Automattic in a deal estimated to click through to the following page be worth over $30 million. Facebook added that SWVL also conducted a series of tests throughout the campaign to ensure that it reached target audiences. The tests also evaluated ad designs, aiming to achieve the highest efficiency of advertising costs. The campaign and its monitoring eventually doubled the installation rate of the app and increased subscriptions by 90 percent.