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It all starts with creating a simple keyword and an easy string of numbers that people can text to opt in to quickly. You have to know how to measure success before you begin your SMS campaign. While most of these metrics will sound familiar from your other marketing channels, knowing how to measure them for this specific medium is crucial.

Millions and millions of marketing dollars are invested annually in other marketing channels that don’t have even a shred of the success that SMS campaigns do. First, let’s determine the types of content that work best for an email campaign versus an SMS campaign. It only makes sense to target marketing to the devices people use for every other aspect of their lives. As adoption grows and as strategists begin to use the channel more effectively, SMS marketing will become a regular part of an integrated marketing strategy.

Turn Your Visitors Into Customers

It causes all sorts of problems and revenue loss (somewhere around $18B a year!) so introducing the most immediate form of customer outreach can help alleviate this prevalent e-commerce issue. In most cases, brands don’t release their discounts or deals until the eleventh hour, so this last-minute messaging is ripe for SMS automation. Plus, because you can blast a mass text to every segment of your audience, it can be ready to go at a moment’s notice. CANCEL. NO. UNSUBSCRIBE. OPT-OUT.” to your emails in order to stop receiving them. It’s a painful process that a lot of folks choose to ignore, so rather than unsubscribe, they simply leave emails unopened. Particularly if your digital marketing strategy is based on a stackable content method, SMS can be used to deliver larger pieces of content in real-time as soon as they’re published.

Enterprise Take control of online visibility – for brands and agencies managing 100+ locations. It is the best way to send notifications to your subscribers, without being intrusive. The world is more mobile than ever, and as the years go on, desktops and home computers are slowly phasing out. If social media and web pages can be adapted for mobile optimization, so should the rest of your strategy. In order to start collecting phone numbers and growing that subscriber list, your other channels have to work for you, too.

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Like any new venture, there are some important boxes to tick before you start slinging GIFs and sending out promo codes. Here are five steps to creating a successful SMS program for your e-commerce or DTC brand. Abandoned carts are the bane of any e-commerce brand’s existence.