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Youtube Private Vs Unlisted Videos

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In this article, I will show you two ways to download any YouTube videos including private or unlisted video without the need to install any software. You’re trying to clean up the content you’ve posted to YouTube over the years – we get it! Many users began posting to the platform in their early teens and continue using it well into adulthood.

If you wish to share the unlisted video, just share the published video link with anyone you wish to share. So, if the youtube to mp person you shared the link with is not logged in to his Google account, still the video can be viewed. The people who have the link to your video can also share and re-share the link in a number of ways. It can be shared on the social media or just forwarded amongst their friends.

Do you, perhaps, embed videos in your website on occasion? Maybe you want to keep the content exclusive to that platform. You’re still able to upload and host the videos on YouTube and thenembed them onto your site, but they won’t be visible on your YouTube page.

YouTube is a very popular video sharing website with billions of active users online across the world. These days you won’t see any e users who don’t have the YouTube app installed on his phone because YouTube is our best companion when we are bored with our routine activities. According to a recent survey, an average person spends almost 30 minutes on YouTube daily which means it’s quite addictive as well. Similarly, millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube on a daily basis for different purposes. You may have seen lots of free online YouTube downloader, but few of them, if any, allow you to download private YouTube video.

  • Make sure you can watch the video from your YouTube account in the browser.
  • Copy the link of the private YouTube video you want to download.
  • Some may decide to unlist for privacy reasons if the video is aimed solely at an individual, family, or organisation .

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4K Video Downloader provides functionality for saving your own private YouTube videos and other private YouTube content you have access to. Follow the steps below to download private YouTube videos to your computer. Private YouTube video means that it can only be shared with the specific people that the YouTuber has invited to view the video. Private YouTube videos, like unlisted videos, will not appear in any search results or your YouTube Channel list.

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Many people remain confused about the benefits of unlisted videos, so we’re here to point some of them out. Go to the page of a private YouTube video and copy its link. Note that you can download private videos only if you are allowed to watch them by the account holder.